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I’m now accepting pre-orders for the e-book, which will be available this fall. To order, use the PayPal button above.

Weight Hacking is a how-to guide for geeks who want to lose weight and get fit, written by a geek who’s successfully lost and kept off more than 65lbs. That’s me, Craig. Heya.

Like many geeks, I grew up playing D&D, hacking on computers, watching TV and reading a lot of science fiction books. And like many geeks, I was overweight, rarely got exercise and ate poorly. At my heaviest I was 225lbs, and at 5′ 7″ I fell squarely into the “obese” category.

I tried dieting, but either it didn’t work or it didn’t work for long. I concluded that diets weren’t for me because 1) they often aren’t sustainable for anyone in the long term and 2) they weren’t compatible with my geeky lifestyle.

So I created Weight Hacking, my own personal weight loss system that used my geeky nature to work for me, and one that I could incorporate into my daily life. I didn’t go on a diet, I permanently changed my diet. I didn’t “get exercise,” I re-arranged my life so that I was naturally more active.  And it wasn’t particularly hard.

So many of my friends asked me how I did it that I decide to write this book to explain how it works.


What Makes Weight Hacking Unique?

Weight Hacking isn’t a new fad diet or some heretofore undiscovered but miraculous nutritional trick. It makes no new medical claims, and none of the science in it is in any way outlandish. (And yes, it’s actually based on science!)  In fact, all of the research referenced in Weight Hacking comes from impeccable sources like the Harvard School for Public Health and the Mayo Clinic.

Weight Hacking is simply an operating system for nerds that shows them easy ways to incorporate better eating and sound nutrition into a geeky lifestyle. It also explains how geeky passions like playing games, surfing the Web, reading, and a love of gadgets can be some of the best tools to lose weight and get fit.


So what’s actually in the book?

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll be reading about in Weight Hacking.

1. Reboot Your System:  Like Neo in The Matrix, you’ve probably “felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world.” That’s because there is something wrong with the world. It’s been filled with manufactured food-like substances that have little nutrition but way too many calories. And often these food-like substances come with health claims that try to fool us into buying them, like “vitamin water” that in reality contains as much sugar as a Coke. This chapter is the Morpheus of the book, and it will “free your mind” about how you’re being misled about food, and what to do to change that. Welcome to the real world!

2. Plan Your Campaign: Anyone who’s ever played D&D knows that a successful campaign doesn’t happen without planning. The same is true for losing weight. That’s why this chapter touches on the psychology  of planning to explain why some plans work and others fail. It will also show you why “losing weight” is usually a terrible plan (because it’s actually a goal) and how it’s possible, easy even, to create a plan that will work.

3. Log Your Inventory: Study after study shows that people don’t know how much food they eat, and they don’t know how much they should be eating. They even have a hard time knowing when they’re full. No wonder losing weight is hard, right? Weight Hacking shows you how to understand what you’re eating and why you’re eating it, then it helps you figure out what you need to change. There is nothing in here about limiting food, it’s about eating the right amount of food.

4. Write Your Optimal Code: Your body is like a computer, and food is like its programming language. Input the right code and you’ll feel full and satisfied. Input the wrong code and you’ll eat and eat but always be hungry. This chapter will show you how to write the best, most optimal food code for your body so you’ll feel satiated and lose the weight you want to.

5. Overwrite Bad Habits: Breaking a habit is hard. Changing a habit isn’t. The majority of eating decisions we make are based on habits, and a few subtle modifications to those habits can have a massive impact on losing weight. Weight Hacking will show you how to identify the key habits that will have the most impact for you, and then explain how to modify them. It will also show you the power of creating “if/then” routines to help you make the best possible decisions in all situations.

6. Mod Your Environment: The shape of your plates, the way you arrange your refrigerator, the brand of pants you buy…all of these things unconsciously influence how much food you eat. In the last 10 years a lot of ground-breaking research has shown that simple modifications to the environment around us can have a huge impact on losing weight, and it’s not particularly hard. This chapter will show you how.

7. Reformat Your Body: The rule of thumb is that weight loss is 80% about eating and 20% about moving. This chapter is focused on the 20%. Usually a discussion about moving and exercise evokes terror in geeks, whose main memories of a gym often revolve around painful experiences at school (at least mine did!). Fear not, a geeky lifestyle is fully compatible with (and in many ways ideally suited for) moving more.

8. Planned Obsolescence: Once you reach your goal weight, you need to know how you’re going to stay there. This chapter will show you how to segue from “weight loss” mode to “maintenance mode,” something almost everyone neglects. Ever wonder why so many people lose a lot of weight then put it right back on?  Because they never think about maintenance. Weighthackers know better.


Featuring geeks you know and love

Weight Hacking is not only written for geeks by a geek, it will also include many geeks you know and love. There will be interviews with well-known geeks who’ve lost weight, like beloved writer/screenwriter/comic writer Neil Gaiman and science fiction author and BoingBoing editor Cory Doctorow. And other geeks will show you how to eat better, like Bonnie Burton, who wrote the Star Wars Craft Book and who’lll be creating new geeky-but-healthy “food crafts” for Weight Hacking.


Bonus Sections

101 Tips & Tricks: As I did the research for Weight Hacking I was continually writing down little tidbits I wanted to remember to use in my daily life. These are simple tactics and psychological tips that can help you in the everyday situations that often trip up people trying to lose weight.

Awesome Gear: I keep a running list of cool gadgets that can actually help people lose weight and stay in shape. This section will give you a rundown of the best current gear out there and explain what’s worth buying (and why).


how to get it

I’m now accepting pre-orders for the e-book, which will be available this fall. To order, use the PayPal button below.


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