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Welcome to Weighthacker

     Computer Hacker: “A person who devises clever solutions to programming problems.

     Weight Hacker: “A person who devises clever solutions to losing weight.”

Welcome to Weighthacker, a site that provides smart strategies and tips for geeks who want to lose weight and get healthier. The content here reflects the ideas and research I’m working on for an upcoming book cunningly called: Weight Hacking: A Guide for Geeks Who Want to Lose Weight and Get Fit.


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Find out how to order my upcoming book: Weight Hacking

If this site seems like something that will help you lose weight, please also check out the crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming book Weight Hacking: A Guide For Geeks Who Want To Lose Weight And Get Fit. You can be the first to get the book in either print or electronic form, and you can also get great perks like Weighthacker digital motivational posters. Take a look.

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