Make gaming healthier by using a standing desk

Like many geeks out there, Kotaku writer and game player Kirk Hamilton found that working at a desk all day was making him sit a lot. In the year since he started as a full-time employee, he estimates that between working and playing games at home after work, he went from being pretty active to sitting 12 hours a day. Or more.

He also noticed that he was generally feeling worse and worse the more he sat. Then he started reading  articles like this one about how bad sitting all day is for your body, so he decided to try making a DIY standing desk to see if it that could help him out:

I started homemade; I took a shelf off the bookshelf in my kitchen and placed it on two coffee cans, upon which I placed my monitor. I put another piece of wood on top of two cardboard boxes, and put my keyboard on that. Before long, I had a desk at which I could stand and work.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that, yes, this was something I was interested in. After a couple of days working while standing up (only working, mind you – playing video games didn’t come until later), I already felt better, stronger, and healthier. My legs were sore (in a good way), my posture was good all day, and I felt more focused as I worked. I decided to invest in a standing desk.

It wasn’t long before he went from using a DIY standing desk to this Ergotron model (that’s it in the picture above) and added gaming into the equation . Not only did he find it was easy to do, he realized it actually made playing games better:

Saturday morning, I got up, logged on, and started playing. Standing. And it was great. A lot of times MMO-style PC games can make me tune out a bit after a while—it’s probably due to years of console controller usage, but I don’t always feel as engaged at the mouse and keyboard as I did when I was a kid. The moment I stood up, that went away entirely. I felt present and connected to the game in a way I hadn’t in a while, alert and easily able to manipulate the game to do my bidding.

Now he’s a total convert and suggests that other gamers and desk jockeys try a standing desk. And I agree. In fact, I’m writing this post at a standing desk, and of course I’ve also gone further by creating a treadmill desk too. So, weighthackers, if you like playing games, give standing a try. I think you’ll like it.

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