Climbing stairs for just 2 minutes a day can help you lose weight


According to this new NPR blog post, climbing stairs for just two extra minutes a day could help you counteract the average weight gain of a pound each year that most people experience:

“If the average American adult was to climb just two more minutes of stairs per day,” [Dr. Karen] Lee explains, “we could burn enough calories to offset the average annual weight gains we see in American adults.”

In fact, climbing stairs burns more calories than jogging, so skipping the escalator or elevator could be a simple way to help you lose weight. I happen to live on the 20th floor of an apartment building and about once a week I try to walk up instead of riding the elevator. I won’t lie, at first it was pretty hard and I had to rest around floor 10 (straight out of a scene from Ghostbusters) but now I can make it to the top without resting. And I feel great afterward.

So if you’re not a stair person now, it’s a good Weight Hacking habit to cultivate.

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