Lose more weight by setting several small goals instead of one big one


The University of Alabama ran an article of good weight loss tips that, among other things, recommended setting several smaller goals to help you lose weight instead of focusing on one big goal. That’s because smaller goals are both more manageable and provide better feedback:

“If we set lofty weight loss goals, like 10, 20 or 30-plus pounds, and we don’t make progress quickly enough, it’s too easy to get distracted and have our emotions convince us that the goal is not achievable,” said Lauren Whitt, Ph.D., director of UAB Employee Wellness.

Whitt explained that breaking down goals into smaller, more manageable short-term targets, like losing one to two pounds per week, can lead to better chances of success.

“Once those first one or two pounds are lost, you can celebrate,” Whitt added. “Then the next mini-goal can become the focus.”

This makes a lot sense for all you Weigthhackers, especially because losing 1-2 lbs a week is a lot easier for most people than losing 5+ lbs a week. And yes, I know you’re probably thinking, I just want to lose it all RIGHT NOW! But the reality is you probably didn’t put on your extra weight in just a few weeks so it would be hard to take it off that quickly.

By the way, when I set out to lose weight a few years ago I had a target of getting down to 175 lbs by my birthday in December. I didn’t actually reach that goal until January, but even though I was “a month late” I’m completely satisfied with the outcome. In fact, I decided to keep going and eventually reached a nice, trim 157 lbs. You know how long did losing that other 18 lbs took me? I honestly don’t remember, because that wasn’t important. What was important is that I finally lost the weight I wanted to, not how quickly I did it.

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2 thoughts on “Lose more weight by setting several small goals instead of one big one

  1. I’ve set myself 10 pound goals since that seems about how long my patience can hold out, and I’ve got the ThinkGeek catalogue bookmarked for rewards. My TARDIS lunchbox is in the mail!

  2. When the destination is near everyone want give their 100% to reach their as soon as possible. So setting up small goals probably is much easier than dreaming something big which sometimes looks impossible.

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