Free science-based guide explains how to eat healthy on a limited budget

Good Food On A Tight Budget is a free “science-based shopping guide of the top 100 foods that are healthy, cheap, clean and green” put out by the Environmental Working Group. The guide focuses on foods that give you the biggest nutritional bang for the buck while putting them together in recipes and snacks that also taste good. On average the 15 included recipes cost less than $1 per serving.

The researchers who put the guide together compared 1,200 foods and analyzed their cost, nutritional value, pesticide ranking and environmental impact. The goal was not only to show consumers that they can eat well for less money but also to lower their exposure to toxic chemicals.

Here are some interesting facts the EWG analysis revealed:

  • One serving of filling oatmeal is about half the cost of a bowl of sugared cereal.
  • Pears have even more fiber, potassium and folate – and fewer pesticide residues – than apples.
  • Parsley packs a nutritional punch as potent as kale for a quarter of the cost.
  • Roasted turkey topped the list of animal sources of protein. Hot dogs ranked dead last.

The guide advocates cooking meals in large batches and then freezing the extra to eat later in the week to save time, a strategy that’s worked well for me during my own 67-pound weight loss.

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