Welcome to Weighthacker

     Computer Hacker: “A person who devises clever solutions to programming problems.

     Weight Hacker: “A person who devises clever solutions to losing weight.”

Welcome to Weighthacker, a site that provides smart strategies and tips for geeks who want to lose weight and get healthier. The content here reflects the ideas and research I’m working on for an upcoming book cunningly called: Weight Hacking: A Guide for Geeks Who Want to Lose Weight and Get Fit.

The reason I say “for geeks” is because I am one, and I’ve been able to lose (and keep off) more than 65lbs by using my innately geeky nature to work for me instead of against me. Gaming, surfing the Web, reading, a love of gadgets … these things all contributed to me being sedentary and overweight to begin with. Now I use them every day to help me eat better, move more, and stay fit. Here’s a before and after of me at my heaviest and at my current weight so you can see the difference:

To make a change that (ahem) big, I channeled all my geeky energy into finding the smartest, most optimal things I could do to lose weight. I call them Weighthacks. Weighthacks aren’t short cuts, they’re smart cuts. They use the latest research and science about weight loss and apply it to everyday life, and I think they can help you the same way they’ve helped me.

So check out the site, try some weighthacks and let me know what you think.

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